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Twin Air Fuel Filter Yamaha YZ250F 14-18 YZ450F 14-17

Twin Air Fuel Filter Yamaha YZ250F 14-.. YZ450F 14-17

You’d be amazed at the dirt and debris that can work its way into your gas can – and from there, into your fuel tank.

Twin Air’s monofilament screen pocket inserts in your tank to catch particles as small as 40 microns (.00165”) while allowing the gas to flow freely.
The flange is custom-sized for each modern 4-stroke model to ensure a leak-proof seal.

Just remove the filter periodically, turn it inside-out, and clean out the debris that COULD have been in your engine.

More Information
Bike specific Bike specific
Colour TechnicsOrange
EAN / Bar Code8720239727821
Ride Bike Model Year
MX YAMAHA YZ 250F 2014
MX YAMAHA YZ 250F 2015
MX YAMAHA YZ 250F 2016
MX YAMAHA YZ 250F 2017
MX YAMAHA YZ 250F 2018
MX YAMAHA YZ 450F 2014
MX YAMAHA YZ 450F 2015
MX YAMAHA YZ 450F 2016
MX YAMAHA YZ 450F 2017