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Namura Top end repair kit fits for YZ125 20-..

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A 53,95
B 53,96
C 53,97


Piston, Top end gasket kit
Piston ring(s)
Piston pin, Needle bearing
Piston pin circlips


Introducing the Namura Piston Kit – Precision Craftsmanship for Peak Performance!

Elevate your engine's potential with the Namura Piston Kit, a testament to engineering excellence and relentless commitment to quality. Designed for those who demand uncompromised performance, this piston kit is the epitome of precision and durability.

Crafted with state-of-the-art technology and meticulous attention to detail, the Namura Piston Kit guarantees optimal power, reliability, and longevity. The kit includes a high-quality forged piston, piston rings, wrist pin, and circlips, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your engine's needs.

Key Features:

  • Premium Materials: Namura pistons are forged from top-grade aluminum alloys, chosen for their superior strength and lightweight properties. This results in reduced reciprocating mass and enhanced engine responsiveness.

  • Precision Engineering: Every Namura piston undergoes rigorous machining processes, including CNC milling and honing, to achieve the tightest tolerances. This meticulous craftsmanship guarantees a perfect fit, optimal compression, and minimized friction.

  • Coated for Excellence: The piston skirt features a special coating to reduce friction and wear, promoting longevity and maintaining peak performance throughout the engine's life.

  • Advanced Ring Technology: Namura's cutting-edge ring designs ensure efficient heat dissipation, excellent oil control, and reduced blow-by. This results in improved combustion efficiency and enhanced overall engine performance.

  • Easy Installation: The Namura Piston Kit is engineered for straightforward installation, allowing enthusiasts and professionals alike to enjoy a hassle-free upgrade. Clear instructions and precise fitment ensure a seamless integration into your engine.

  • Versatile Applications: Whether you're a motocross enthusiast, ATV rider, or motorcycle aficionado, Namura provides a piston kit solution for a wide range of applications and engine sizes. Choose Namura for performance that meets and exceeds expectations.

Unleash the full potential of your engine with the Namura Piston Kit – where innovation meets reliability. Elevate your ride to new heights and experience the power of precision engineering. Namura, powering your passion for peak performance!

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Ride Bike Model Year
Enduro Fantic XE 125 2T 2022
Enduro Fantic XE 125 2T 2023
Enduro Fantic XE 125 2T 2024
Enduro YAMAHA WR 125 2009
Enduro YAMAHA WR 125 2010
Enduro YAMAHA WR 125 2011
Enduro YAMAHA WR 125 2012
Enduro YAMAHA WR 125 2013
MX Fantic XX 125 2022
MX Fantic XX 125 2023
MX Fantic XX 125 2024
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2005
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2006
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2007
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2008
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2009
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2010
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2011
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2012
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2013
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2014
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2015
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2016
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2017
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2018
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2019
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2020
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2021
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2022
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2023
MX YAMAHA YZ 125 2024