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Michelin Bibmousse M14 140/80-18, 130/80-18, 110/100-18 Endu


MICHELIN Bib Mousse is Michelin's off-road solution to tire punctures, with an unmatched record: 36 victories in Dakar since 1983, 22 world titles in Enduro, 7 world titles in MX.

As a great innovation in the off-road segment, the MICHELIN Bib Mousse eliminates the risk of a tire puncture, contributing to an unmatched record of victories in Rally, Enduro and MX since its creation in 1983

How does it work?
MICHELIN Bib Mousse is not a puncture proof inner tube. It is an innovative foam-based technology that is inserted between the rim and the tire instead of a classic inner tube. Because of its foam composition, it can't go flat! It is lighter than a reinforced inner tube and provides a pressure equivalent of 13.05 psi.

With MICHELIN Bib Mousse you can enjoy your off-road rides* without worrying about tire punctures.

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