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Gibson Speedy Mousse 90/100 - 21 (4) Soft (BIG)


The patented GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE revolutionises the well-known mousse technology. Patented ring-shaped constrictions offer two significant improvements in the hard racing use compared to conventional technology: 1. The constrictions absorb additional volume on mousse gel during assembly, resulting in a more effective distribution of the gel and thus a better dissipation of the resulting heat. This significantly increases the usage times of the mouse. Thanks to the patented lacing, the tyre surface is enlarged. The result: improved adhesion, maximum grip and extreme steering precision significantly improve driving performance. GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE is available in the design "medium/hard" with eight rings (constrictions), which has an air pressure of approx. 0.9 bar and for extreme use in the "soft" design with 16 rings, which has an air pressure of approx. 0.7 bar. As the first manufacturer, GIBSON POWER TECH refines the ultra-light MOUTECH MOUSSE with the "Blue Protect" protective layer, which prevents the enclosed air molecules from escaping. This prevents the GIBSON MOUTECH MOUSSE from shrinking. The number mentioned in the dimession refers to the number of ring-shaped constrictions in the respective mousse dimension: (4), (6), (8) or (16). The mousse for the dimensions of the 65cc class 60/100-14 and 80/100-12 can be cut and therefore adapted to different carcass sizes from other manufacturers.

More Information
Bike specific Multi Fit
EAN / Bar Code5060450033763
Wheel Size21"