vital mx

Maxima no. 1 !!!

Maxima Racing Oils dominates motorcycle lubricants segment for 7 years!

This Vital MX 2017 audience survey says that Maxima Racing Oils is the Favorite Oil and Favorite Chain Lube out of all other MX Lubricant brands.

Renthal worksfit



Renthal Worksfit

Riders come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own personal needs. Worksfit will be an additional aid in determining the correct handlebar.

The tool allows the user to choose their reference handlebar, maybe the OEM bar which came on their specific model and then choose another bar which they wish to compare it to. The tool is able to overlay both handlebars by showing the visual differences in height, sweep, weight et cetera.

Visit the website and test it yourself! 



Polisport Chain Guide

Polisport Performance Chain Guides

Polisport Performance Chain Guides are developed and refined for Off Road use and will withstand all rigors of extreme riding.

The chain guide is made in two different parts - outer shell and wear pad - which allows an easy installation without removing the chain. The outer shell is tough and impact resistant, while the wear pad is produced in a different compound especially to endure long periods of use.
Muc Off Warm Up Cream


Muc-Off Luxury Warm Up Cream

Warm, strenghten and stimulate your muscles. With Muc-Off Luxury Warm Up Cream, you will be prepared!

An innovative mix of natural extracts combined with Muc-Off's intelligent 'self thinking' heating system actively controls the warming temperature provided to your muscles. This primes the treated areas to insure you are in an optimal condition before you start a training session or competition. 


Athena Easy Cylinders


Athena Easy Cylinders

Is it time to change your T4 cross cylinder? Athena has a new solution:

Each kit is composed by the standard diameter cylinder and the top end gasket kit, both necessary components for your engine repair. From now on, besides the complete cylinder kit range, you can choose a reduced kit which is even cheaper than the original loose cylinder but with the same quality!

BC Batteries


BC Batteries 

New at Techno Motor Veghel: BC Lithium Batteries. These batteries are suitable for MX and Off Road use because of the low weight and the strong Cranking Amps.

Besides batteries, TMV also offers Lithium Accu chargers and handy, light weight Powerpacks. To get you started again! 

Mino Fusion 


 New! Mino Fusion Sprockets

 Mino Fusion sprockets. For an optimal weight-, durability, -combination. The Mino Fusion sprockets are provided with an aluminum inside hub and a hard steal outer ring. The hard steal outer ring garantees limited wear over a long period of time. Therefore they are extremely suitable for extreme circumstances.

The aliminum hub is available in all matching mx colors.

6D Fall 2016


  6D Helmets Fall 2016

A new season asks for new designs! Even though design isn't the most important aspect of a helmet. 6D has once again successfully presented some really nice models.

Ultra Tacky grips

New! Ultra-Tacky™ Grips

Renthal® Ultra-Tacky™ grips have been developed to increase traction between the glove and grip, increasing control and reducing rider fatigue. The unique Ultra-Tacky™ compound constantly produces and renews a sticky surface coating which when combined with the Renthal® Soft compound offers an incredibly grippy yet comfortable surface.

Suitable for use in all conditions, the grip is particularly applicable where riders are looking for increased control of the handlebars. The sticky surface will last for the lifetime of the grip and if it loses its stickiness at any point, simply wash with clean water and allow the grips to air dry to re-activate.

TMV Bike Stand  
Bike Stands TMV

Our new bike stands are in store. The stands are available in: Standard, Racing and Mini/Supermoto. The bike stands provide a TMV logo. Essential in your workingplace and/or the tracks!

TMV bolt sets   
TMV bolt sets

TMV offers a line of bike specific FACTORY and TRACK bolt sets for the most populair dirt bikes on the market.

This bolts kits meets the OEM standards.

Part nr. Description Amount              
1721700         TMV Factory Bolt Kit Ktm/Husa 03-.. HVA 14-..         160 pcs  
1721710 TMV Factory bolt kit  CR/CRF 193 pcs  
1721720 TMV Factory bolt kit KX/KXF 154 pcs  
1721730 TMV Factory bolt kit RM/RMZ  169 pcs  
1721740 TMV Factory bolt kit YZ/YZF 172 pcs  
1721910 TMV Factory bolt kit Metrics  179 pcs  
1721810 TMV GP track bolt kit Japanese style 53 pcs  
1721820 TMV GP track bolt kit KTM/Husa/Husqvarna 14-.. style 51 pcs  
1721830 TMV GP track bolt kit CR/CRF 50 pcs  


Twin Air Umbrella

New! Twin Air Umbrella

The new Twin Air Umbrellas are now available through our webshop.
This extra wide, folding Fiberglass umbrella keeps you dry and/or out of the sun!