Polisport Radiator Louver Mesh (Pair) BETA RR2T/4T 13-.. Zoom

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Polisport Radiator Louver Mesh (Pair) BETA RR2T/4T 13-..

Polisport Radiator Louver Mesh (Pair) BETA RR2T/4T 13-..
SKU: 0308448701
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  • Protects the radiator without blocking the airflow.
  • Can be easily clipped and unclipped on the radiator louvers without disassembling the radiator scoops.
  • Polisport's meshes are designes to perfectly fit each radiator louver.
  • Only campatible with Polisport radiator louvers.
Additional Info
Part nr. 0308448701
Unit Pair
Bike specific Bike specific
Fits - Use Radiator Louvers
Bike Model Year
Beta RR 250 2T 2013
Beta RR 250 2T 2014
Beta RR 250 2T 2015
Beta RR 250 2T 2016
Beta RR 250 2T 2017
Beta RR 300 2T 2013
Beta RR 300 2T 2014
Beta RR 300 2T 2015
Beta RR 300 2T 2016
Beta RR 300 2T 2017
Beta RR 350 4T 2013
Beta RR 350 4T 2014
Beta RR 350 4T 2015
Beta RR 350 4T 2016
Beta RR 350 4T 2017
Beta RR 390 4T 2013
Beta RR 390 4T 2014
Beta RR 390 4T 2015
Beta RR 390 4T 2016
Beta RR 390 4T 2017
Beta RR 430 4T 2015
Beta RR 430 4T 2016
Beta RR 430 4T 2017
Beta RR 480 4T 2015
Beta RR 480 4T 2016
Beta RR 480 4T 2017

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