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Blackbird Double Grip 3 Seatcover YZ65 19-.. BU/BK

71,24 €
Photos for reference only. Changes may be possible.

Seat cover to substitute the original one. Produced with the best technologies on the market. It fits perfectly with the shapes of the seat, even with higher foams up to almost 2cm. Designed to meet the need of having a greater grip with the seat during the acceleration phase. The special non-slip stripes, the same colour as the motorbike, are in relief. Our test riders of the World Championship underlined the following characteristics:

  • high non-slip power
  • long duration
  • strong and fashionable look
Weitere Informationen
Einheit Stck
Bike spezifischeBike spezifische
EAN / Bar Code1250H
TypeDouble grip 3
color_technics_msBlau, Schwarz
Ride Bike Model Jahr
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2019
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2020
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2021
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2022
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2023
MX YAMAHA YZ 65 2024